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I am going to give away some fanbook for fannibals who can’t attend CWT37, there I prepare two SUIT UP BOYS ➔ some sample pages [x] , three Hannimoomin paper tape , 2 Mads crack face sticker and each one will have hannigram moomin mini card inside : - )


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  3. ship anywhere, including overseas
  4. You must have your ask box open so that I will be able to contact you if you win
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    The give away ends in exactly 3 weeks, on saturday September 13th!!! and all the staff will be available to buy in my storenvy after September 14th .


Benedict doing the ALS Bucket Challenge

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HanLock AU: Sherlock, this is serious.

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bertholdtfubae’s arda wigs giveaway!


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  5. giveaway ends APRIL 19TH, 2014


  • one lucky blogger will get their choice of any of the wigs listed above in any color

Extra Info

  1. i will message the winner and if they dont respond within 24 hours i will pick a new winner
  2. i will be shipping the wig directly to the winner, so i would appreciate some confirmation of the delivery

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Send me the Mun’s reputation. I can’t comment, only post it.

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Judas had the decency to hang himself in shame at his betrayal…but I thought you needed help.

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Fuck you and your shoulder waist ratio indeed.

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Captain America in new outfit for Avengers:Age of Ultron!

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Glassware can get pretty expensive especially if you’re in college and always getting sht faced and breaking your glasses. Start just using your empty beer bottles and turning them into your new glasses. Look dope, easy to make and cheap! Follow these 5 easy steps.

Step 1 – Grab a beer bottle preferably with thick glass such as corona bottles. Tie a string just above the label on the empty bottle

Step 2 – Keep the string tied and soak it in lighter fluid.

Step 3 – Put the string back on the bottle and hold it horizontally. Light the sting rotating the bottle so the flame spreads. You should hear the bottle crack slightly in about 10 seconds.

Step 4 – After you hear the crack, pour cold water on the string and the top of the bottle will fall off.

Step 5 – Now grab sandpaper and sand the edges of the bottle till it is smooth.

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warm chocolate chip cookie stuffed soft pretzels

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knight-female by Jay-c
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knight-female by Jay-c